Sunday, 10 June 2012


04.30. Meet the Ghana Mountaineers at Accra Mall. Security guard looks very confused at why we are all here, in shorts. Andrew and Christie fail to look suitably guilty for suggesting a Three Peaks Challenge and getting us all up at this unsociable hour.

05.36. At the base of Krobo. Sun just coming up. Feeling fit and ready to whizz up my favourite hill in Ghana.

06.13. A quick ascent to the summit, 345m. No time for fussing about or admiring the view – there’s a record to be beaten.

06.49. Back down, and into the cars to Iogaga.

07.20. At the base of Iogaga, with some crazy parking to cut off a few metres of walking. Does this incur a time penalty?

08.22. At the top, 436m. Had forgotten how steep Iogaga is, and how tall the grass gets. Bit longer at the summit, so time for breakfast. Mike sleeps off last night’s beers with the Accra Hash. Andrew also catches 40 winks, a bit rich given this was his idea.
09.31. Back at the cars. Two down, one to go.

10.25. At Osoduko. Long drive not ideal for stiff legs, but boots back on and a nice easy track to start with.

11.20. Hmm, summit not getting any nearer. Path seems to keep twisting round.

11.22. Focus on catching up with Stephen, just a few metres ahead. Maybe I can speed past him, annoy him a bit.

11.23. Maybe not.

11.25. Murderous thoughts about Andrew and Christie, whose idea this nonsense was.

11.26. Murderous thoughts about Kevin, who dreamed up the Ghana Three Peaks after reading about the UK version. Shame he didn’t read about a teashop and set up one of those instead.

11.29. Cycle of excuses about why I am struggling so much: combined, the three hills equal a Munro; it’s hot; I have bad knees; I am getting old. Realise deep down the answer might lie in the collection of empty beer bottles at home.

11.30. The top. 424m. Who cares? Want to sleep.

12.34. Down again, via a diversion through the village having got lost. Mike back first. He always speeds up when it gets close to time for beers. Those few minutes have crucially cost us a record-breaking effort, slower than the January trip by one minute. Bah.

12.45. Stone Lodge. The hardest-earned – and best-tasting – Star of the year.

Total ascent: 1052m
Total time: 5 hrs 33 mins
Total distance: 17.15 kms
Nine participants, nine finishers.

Well done everyone (and goodbye Andrew and Christie!)

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